Handmade Magnetic Bracelet


I use only the finest magnetic hematite and materials in my Reiki charged Magnetic Bracelet. The beads, charged with Reiki Energy, are custom assembled by hand into a bracelet that will perfectly fit your wrist. Before you receive your hematite magnetic bracelet, it will be recharged with Reiki Energy for no additional cost.

My magnetic bracelet made of hematite is a great gift for anyone!

How Your Magnetic Bracelet Will Be Made

Each hematite magnetic bracelet will be custom made to fit your individual wrist. The bracelet will then be charged with Reiki Energy, laid on soil from Jerusalem, blessed with holy water from the Jordan River, and finally anointed with oil from Bethlehem.

Magnetic Bracelet

Health Benefits of Your Magnetic Bracelet

There are numerous reasons you will enjoy wearing a magnetic bracelet. Health benefits commonly associated with magnetic bracelet use include headache relief, arthritis and joint pain relief, stress relief, chronic pain relief, help healing injuries, and treatment of cancer. Scientific research is beginning to support these benefits, as recent studies have found that wearing a strong magnetic bracelet relieved the pain of osteoarthritis sufferers. While there is no guarantee associated with your magnetic bracelet, you will be relieved to know that others have begun to feel the benefits of wearing one within hours or days of first use.

Magnetic Bracelet and Ki (Prounounced Chi)

Magnetic Therapeutic Jewelry

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Your body’s Ki, or natural flow of energy, is affected by your magnetic bracelet. When the magnetic bracelet balances out imbalances in your energy field, it will help to improve your health and relieve pain, etc.

Magnetic Bracelet Therapy

This technique actually originated in ancient times in China, Japan, Egypt, and Greece, but it has since spread to the rest of the world and caught on like wildfire as science and people’s experiences both confirmed the validity of such healing. Therapy with magnets involves the principle that the body has an energy field, and magnets also have energy fields. Therefore, if any diseases or sicknesses strike the body and create an imbalance in your energy field, by using the correct magnet in the right way, you can balance out the effect to heal your body.