Benefits Reiki Charged Objects

A more scientific version of the explanation for those who are interested is that cells communicate by way of magnetic (electromagnetic and bio-magnetic) fields, and various stresses or injuries impede proper communication, and miscommunication creates illnesses. By applying the right type of magnet, the miscommunication is cleared to reopen the flow of energy and information between cells.

Magnetic Therapy

This is a Japanese technique that balances the body’s magnetic field through energy fields and points called chakras and meridians. The art of Reiki is about restoring and revitalizing your body through these points and ways by moving Ki around. The practitioner of Reiki can emit a powerful magnetic healing state that is then transmitted to the patient (or the recipient of the magnetic bracelet). To put it simply, Reiki uses energy that already exists to balance out imbalances in the body’s magnetic field… much like magnetic therapy does! The benefits of combining both can be enormous.

Magnetic Bracelet

Although Reiki originated in Japan, it has spread to the Western world, thanks to a few individuals who trained others. The discoverer of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui, had a vision of the Reiki healing symbols after three weeks of fasting, praying and meditating on Mount Kurama. After his death, Chujiro Hayashi took over, and 22 original Reiki Masters who were trained by her still work with Reiki. Thanks to her, they have spread it to other nations, where more and more people are beginning to pick up on this trend.

Benefits of Reiki Charged Objects

Since Reiki isn’t attached to any particular belief system, anyone can benefit from a Reiki charged object like this hematite magnetic bracelet. As long as you desire to be healed, you will benefit from the universal energy that the magnetic bracelet is charged with.

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